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Events and Meetings in 2016-2017

The schedule of speakers was:

  • Mon 19th September 2016 - The speaker was Joanna Cannon, author of "The Trouble with Goats and Sheep"
  • Mon 21st November 2016 - The speaker was Diana Rosie, author of "Alberto's Lost Birthday"
  • Mon 16th January 2017 - Long listing meeting. The speaker was Annabel Abbs, author of "The Joyce Girl"
  • Mon 21st March 2017 - Short listing meeting. The speaker was Dan Clements, author of "What Will Remain"
  • Fri 23rd June 2017 - Voting meeting. The speaker was Tamara Harvey, Artistic Director of Theatr Clwyd


Reports of meetings in 2016-17

The final meeting of the 2016-17 year, at which the votes were counted, took place at Burley Hall on Friday 23rd June 2017. After short presentations by advocates for each of the short-listed books the (very close) vote was counted. The winner, by only two votes, was "Anatomy of a Soldier" by Harry Parker.

The advocates counting votes

Tamara Harvey then spoke to the meeting about her role as Artistic Director of Theatr Clwyd and her plans for the next season. A show of hands revealed that everyone in the room uses Theatr Clwyd and there was some discussion of the potential future impact of Storyhouse in Chester.

Tamara Harvey
Tamara with Gwen

The short-listing meeting, on Monday 27th March 2017, was addressed by Dan Clements whose poetic novel "What Will Remain" proved to be a Marmite book this year. Dan spoke to a rapt audience about his experiences in Afghanistan and the choice of stylistic methods in his book.

Dan Clements
Dan signing books
Dan at the meeting

At the third meeting, on 16th January, the long list was announced. Our speaker was Annabel Abbs who enthralled us with her accounts of the vibrant but ultimately tragic life of James Joyce's daughter

Annabel Abbs with Sue Buckley
Annabel Abbs

The second meeting of the season had a local flavour: Our speaker on 21st November 2016 was Diana Rosie who was a pupil at Christleton High School, remembered by several of our readers. Diana described how she came to write "Alberto's Lost Birthday", a tale set in Spain during and after the Civil War.

Diana Rosie with Wendy & Gwen

At the first meeting of 2016-17, in September, the new season was celebrated by a wonderful talk by Jo Cannon, author of "The Trouble with Goats and Sheep", describing her individual journey to publication. A large number of readers appreciated Jo's informal and engaging presentation.

Joanna Cannon

Award Dinner 2016

The 2016 thirteenth award dinner was held at Eaton Golf Club, Waverton, on Friday 21st October 2016. The evening was hosted by Peter Goodhew and the prize was presented by Phil Illingworth from our sponsors Illingworth Seddon . John Donoghue spoke movingly about why and how he wrote "The Death's Head Chess Club". John spoke about the need to keep the horrors of genocide constantly in mind and drew worrying comparisons between Germany in the 1930s and the USA today. The diners were again teased by Gwen Connolly's table quiz. Some pictures of the event, taken by Sue Buckley and David Evans of Fox Lane Photography, follow.

John Donoghue with his prize
John Donoghue with sponsor Phil Illingworth
The Award goblet
Table decoration by Angela Haswell
The Good Read Award
Wendy and Carol Archer

WGRA at Waverton Carnival

The Good Read Award had a stall at the 2017 Waverton Carnival as usual, selling the year's books to raise funds for next year. Here are a couple of pictures

The busy stall
The draw for a copy of Alice