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Events and Meetings in 2015-2016

The schedule of speakers was:

  • Mon 14th September 2015 - The speaker was Natasha Pulley, author of "The Watchmaker of Filigree Street"
  • Mon 16th November 2015 - The speaker was David McGrath, author of "Rickshaw"
  • Mon 11th January 2016 - Long listing meeting. The speaker was Alex Christofi, author of "Glass"
  • Mon 21st March 2016 - Short listing meeting. The speaker was Katharine Norbury, author of "The Fish Ladder"

All meetings were held in Waverton Community Primary School at 7.30pm

Reports of meetings in 2015-16

The short-listing meeting, on Monday 21st March 2016, was enlivened by Katharine Norbury's description of her memoir "The Fish Ladder". In this - her debut book, although it is not a novel - Katharine told of her journey from the sea to the source of a Scottish river. The audience was particularly fascinated by Katharine's local connections with Liverpool and Christleton.

Katharine before the meeting with Wendy and Gwen
Katharine Norbury speaking
The Fish Ladder
Katharine Norbury signing her books

Man Booker follows Waverton again

Did you notice that Sunjeev Sahota, who spoke to us about his first book in 2011, was shortlisted for the Man Booker Prize this year for "The Year of the Runaways"?

At the third meeting in January, during which the long list was announced, Alex Christofi read the opening passage of his novel "Glass" and gave us his (entertaining) views on writing a comic novel. A large audience was captivated by his views on writing a novel (as opposed to poetry or a play).

Alex Christofi speaking

At the second meeting in November, David McGrath described the origins of his novel "Rickshaw". An audience of more than 50 was immediately captivated by David's brutally honest reading from his Amazon reviews, and then amused by his reading of the Birthday Boy incident from Rickshaw.

David McGrath reading
David McGrath speaking
David McGrath signing

At the first meeting of 2015-16, in September, Natasha Pulley gave a fascinating talk about "The Watchmaker of Filigree Street". She revealed that she had just returned from Japan, where some of the book is set, and that she preferred her book to be seen as fantasy rather than magical realism (although 90% of it is historically true). Some pictures of Natasha at the meeting follow:

Natasha Pulley
Natasha Pulley

Award Dinner 2015

The 2015 twelfth award dinner was held at Eaton Golf Club, Waverton, on Friday 23rd October 2015. The evening was hosted by Peter Goodhew and the prize was presented by Professor John Belchem of The University of Liverpool. Matthew Frank spoke about why he wrote about a soldier/detective and then responded to many questions about the writing of "If I Should Die". The dinner was enlivened by the customary table quiz, again set by Gwen Connolly on themes relating to the winning novel. Some pictures of the event, taken by David Evans of Fox Lane Photography, follow.

Matthew and John Belchem with the trophy
Matthew Frank signing books
Graham Archer enjoying the proceedings
Vanessa 'Frank' is amused
Table decoration and trophy