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Events and Meetings in 2009-2010

The winner for 2009-10 was announced at Waverton Village Carnival on 3rd July. Andrew Sharp will be speaking at the dinner on 29th October.

The winner was announced by Richard Taylor, from NNL, in front of the Carnival Queen and the Handbag of Harmonies singers (picture below).

Richard Taylor at the Fete

The last meeting for 2009/2010 was on 22nd March 2010 and the speaker was David Whitley, who lives in Chester. David described the inspiration for his teen novel "Midnight Charter", a fantasy inspired by The Enlightenment. A large audience was entertained as well as enlightened by David's amusing but thoughtful performance.

David Whitley in full flow
David talking to Richard Taylor, from our sponsors NNL

The first meeting of 2010 was on 11th January, and the speaker was Simon Packham, author of "The Opposite Bastard". Simon, who was an actor for 20 years, gave a powerful presentation about his challenging but entertaining novel which features an actor, a virgin and a quadraplegic. Some pictures of the event follow:

Simon Packham speaking
Simon Packham speaking
Simon Packham speaking

The November meeting was on Monday 30th November. The speaker was Andrew Sharp, author of "The Ghosts of Eden", a powerful novel set in Uganda. Andrew spoke about his life in Africa and about the relationship between the "stories" he hears as a doctor and those he writes as an author. Some pictures of the event follow.

Andrew Sharp speaking
Andrew speaking
Andrew speaking

The Awards Dinner was held at Eaton Golf Club on Friday 13th November. Tom Rob Smith spoke eloquently about his craft of writing and answered a number of perceptive questions before being enthusiastically applauded by the diners.

Tom accepting his engraved tankard (and a bottle of the local Spitting Feathers beer) from the Lord Mayor of Chester
Tom signing books for Waverton Good Readers
Tom Rob Smith flanked by Wendy and Gwen in front of the Russian dolls which formed part of the evening's theme

The previous meeting was at Waverton Primary School at 7.30pm on Monday 14th September. The speaker was Jenn Ashworth, author of "A Kind of Intimacy", her first novel. The meeting was very well attended by more than 80 people, who responded enthusiastically to Jen's talk.

Jenn has a blog at jennashworth.blogspot.com

In 2008/09 the Award was sponsored by Borders (Cheshire Oaks), who provided a prize of £1000 for the winning author.