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Events and Meetings in 2007-2008

At the meeting on 7th April 2008 our guest speaker was local writer Clare Dudman, author of "98 Reasons for Being" who spoke about attitudes to madness through the ages and their influence on her novel.

On Monday 14th January 2008 Will Davis, author of "My Side of the Story" and winner of a 2007 Betty Trask Prize, spoke at 7.30pm in Waverton Primary School.

The long list for this year was announced and is still available from the Book lists page.

Will Davis

At the second meeting of the 2007/08 season on Monday 26th November 2007 Gee Williams, author of "Salvage" - which is set around Chester and North Wales - spoke at Waverton Primary School

The first meeting of the Good Read for 2007/8 was held in Waverton Primary School on Monday 8th October 2007. The speaker was Lucy Caldwell, author of "Where They Were Missed"

Lucy Caldwell

The dinner to celebrate the winner of the 2006/7 award, Nicola Monaghan, was held at Eaton Golf Club on 5th October 2007.

Some photographs of the event follow:

Nicola Monaghan receives her trophy from the Mayor
Nicola Monaghan holding the trophy
Nicola with Gwen and Wendy
Nicola talking to a reader
Nicola Monaghan signing books

Readers' comments in 2007/8 included:

"Super read. Didn't want to put it down. Lots happening but not trying to be too clever." [Crowstone by Jenni Mills]

"What a great idea! In spite of blurb - better than 'Dog in the Night'. This is a winner, definitely. She draws you into Kate's isolation. Then you view Green Oaks through the eyes of Kurt and Lisa. Shopping centres will never seem the same again! Taut plot fully realised. A very satisfying read." [What Was Lost by Catherine O'Flynn]

"A really good book! Well written, with lots of background and research into life on a Greek Island. Very vivid descriptions (too clear at times). Fascinating characters interacting through their families, lifestyles and beliefs. Needs careful reading to notice the interlinking of words, incidents, situation and characters. I liked the way the story was told from different viewpoints." [The Messenger of Athens - Anne Zouroudi]

"A brilliant, just about plausible, story which touches on so many interesting topics - the growth of a scientist, the shallowness of politicians, the natural history of salmon, the geography of Yemen and the nature of nationalism. I enjoyed every page." [Salmon Fishing in the Yemen - Paul Torday]

"Superbly written, draws the reader into the very heart and soul of the story in a very descriptive and artistically visual way - I think the first 10 I've ever given." [Mosquito by Roma Tearne]

"A very clever dark book. The action could not be anticipated. The atmosphere he creates is extraordinary." [The Lying Tongue by Andrew Wilson]

"A completely spellbinding book - beautiful imagery, thoughtful insights, highlights the harshness & brutality of 17th Century life. Reminded me of The Lost Mariner which is in my top 10 all-time favourite books." [The Solitude of Thomas Cave by Georgina Harding]