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Events and Meetings in 2005-2006

On Monday 27th March 2006 at Waverton Primary School

Neil Griffiths, author of "Betrayal in Naples" - one of last year's short-listed books - spoke about the writing of the book and how its success has since influenced his career (and his second book).


Jonathan Trigell - our 2004/5 winner - has gone on to win the John Llewellyn Rhys prize for 2005. We are delighted that Waverton's Good Readers were the first to recognise this new talent!

The most recent meeting of the 2005/06 season was at 7.30 on Monday 23rd January in Waverton Primary School.

Julia Gregson, author of "The Water Horse" (currently in our top ten), spoke about writing her novel, which is a historical romance set against a background of the Crimean War.

The "long list" of twenty books to go through to the next round of reviews was announced at this meeting.

On the evening of Monday 21st November Geoff Nelder spoke about his book "Escape From Reality" and his short stories. Both established and new readers were able to select books from the 2005/6 entries over a glass of wine.

A dinner was held for the 2004/05 winner, Jonathan Trigell (author of "Boy A"), on Friday 7th October at Eaton Golf Club, Waverton. Peter Ayrton, the founder of Serpent's Tail publishing house, was our other special guest. All 120 tickets sold out within days and the evening was a great success.

The first meeting of the 2005/06 season was at Waverton Primary School at 7.30 pm on the evening of Monday 17th October when both established and new readers were able to select books from the 2005/6 entries over a glass of wine.

Prize dinner on 7th October 2005 at Eaton Golf Club

The photographs show Jonathan Trigell receiving his award, Peter Ayrton (of the publisher Serpent's Tail) addressing the diners and Jonathan signing books. The event was chaired by Geoff Clarke.

Wendy Smedley, Jonathan Trigell and Gwen Goodhew
Peter Ayrton of Serpent's Tail addressing Waverton readers
Gwen Goodhew giving Jonathan Trigell the Waverton Eddie
Geoff Clarke, Peter Ayrton and Jonathan Trigell
Jonathan with his partner
Diners enjoying an exchange with Jonathan
Book signing
Signing a book for Wendy Smedley